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Abbeycliffe Care Home

Philosophy of Care

Our philosophy is to provide a stimulating, safe and caring environment that will meet the individual, physical and emotional needs of our service users. We encourage the development of self-help and any potential for independent life styles. Ultimately we enable our service users to receive long term care affording them an independent and satisfying lifestyle within the home.

Our approach to care is based on respect as an individual and their need to be acknowledged as such. Our service users are encouraged to sustain their independence and to prolong their vitality, personal interest, dignity and self-esteem.

Residents in our care have a right to:

  • Personal independence, personal choice and personal responsibility for your own actions.
  • To care for yourself as far as you are able and to have assistance if it is necessary.
  • To have your dignity respected in every possible way and to be treated whatever your disabilities or frailties as an individual in your own right.
  • Privacy for yourself, your belongings, and your affairs.
  • To attend residents meetings or have a representative deputise for you
  • The right to be consulted about proposed changes that may affect your personal lifestyle and to make suggestions.
  • Facilities and services in the surrounding community as a citizen.
  • To mix with other people in the community, whether by going out or by inviting other people in.
  • To be registered with a medical practitioner and dentist of your own choice.
  • To have your cultural, religious emotional and other needs accepted and respected.
  • Not to have your personal independence unnecessarily or unreasonably restricted by management or staff for fear of risk involved in relation to your independence.
  • Have any complaints heard by the person in charge and if satisfaction is not obtained, then by the principal registration officer.
  • To confidentiality, access to information held on file and to know on what basis any information may be shared by others.


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